Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is Jiu Jitsu Education?

Hi all,
This is the first post on Jiu Jitsu Education. Just want to let everyone know what Jiu Jitsu Education will be delivering to you. Each week here at Jiu Jitsu Education video will be posted on Jiu Jitsu technique. So say for instance you want to learn how to do an armbar. One week will be dedicated to finding you videos that will teach you how to effectively do an armbar, how to set one up and how to counter an armbar if you are caught in one. That is just a small example of what the site will offer. If you already train Jiu Jitsu and just want to watch video so you can go to class and work on new techniques or if you just want to learn at home how to effectively use Jiu Jitsu then this is the place to look. There will also be opportunity to tell me what technique you would like to see for the week. Best of all if you want to send in your own training videos I would more than welcome them.
See ya on the mat,

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